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3000. (DISRAELI) B.R. Jerman. THE YOUNG DISRAELI [Benjamin Disraeli], 1960, Princeton Univ. Press, 327 pp. includes. index, 8vo. No dj, ex-lib. Unsigned...............$15


1st Edition

3001. Jewett, Sarah Orne [1849-1909]. American writer, b. South Berwick, Me. Author of sketches and tales of New England important in the "local color"school, including Deephaven (1877), A Country Doctor (1884), A Marsh Island (1885), A White Heron (1886), Tales of New England (1890), The Country of the Pointed Firs (1896), etc. Her book A Native of Winby and Other Tales. Sarah Orne Jewett. Boston and New York. Houghton, Mifflin and Company. 1893. First Edition. Sarah Wyman Whitman binding. Nice tight copy. No dust jacket. Minor color loss on spine. 7.25 x 5.............$75

See cover

See title page


3002. THEOPHILUS PARSONS - Memoir of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts; with notices of some of his contemporaries. By his son. Frontispiece portrait [foxed]. Maroon embossed cloth with gilt lettering on spine. 1st edition, 1859, Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 476 pp, 8vo. Bottom right corners of all pages slightly damp stained. Good tight copy..................$25


3003. John T. Faris. THE ROMANCE OF FORGOTTEN TOWNS, 1924, 1st edition, Harper & Bros., 335 pp, 8vo. Cloth pictorial cloth cover. VG. Profusely illustrated. A wide variety of towns including: Colony, Maine; Jamestown, Va.; Upton, NJ; Ebenezer, Ga; New Smyrna, FL; Boonesborough, Ky; Cahokia, ILL; Hope, NJ; Warwick, Va; Gallipolis, Ohio; Indian Springs, Ga; St. Stephens, AL; Corydon, IN; New Harmony, IN; Albion, ILL; Demopolis, AL; New Salem, ILL; Nauvoo, ILL; Beaver Island, MI; Newport, WI; Belmont, WI; Richland City, WI; Westport, MO; Pithole City, PA; etc. VG. .........$30


3004. (POETRY) Edwin Arnold. THE SECRET OF DEATH - With Some Collected Poems, 1885, Roberts Brothers, Boston, 252pp, plus 10pp. from The Light of Asia. Green cloth, with former owner's bookplate [defective] and tears to front free endpaper. Good........$25


3005. [JAPAN] Masao Maruyama. THOUGHT AND BEHAVIOUR IN MODERN JAPANESE POLITICS, 1966, Oxford Univ. Press, 344 pp., 8vo., no dust jacket. EX-LIBRARY. VG..........$15


3006. (PIONEER MINISTER) John Ervin Kirkpatrick. TIMOTHY FLINT, Pioneer, Missionary, Author, Editor, 1780-1840. Published 1911, Cleveland, Ohio, by The Arthur H. Clark Co, 331pp, 8vo. Cloth. VG. No dj. Flint, Timothy. 1780-1840. American clergyman and author, b. near North Reading, Mass. Congregational minister in Lunenberg, Mass. (1802-14); missionary and farmer in Ohio Valley; edited Western Monthly Review in Cincinnati (1827-30). Author of Recollections of the Last Ten Years (1826), Francis Berrian, or The Mexican Patriot (1826), Life and Adventures of Arthur Clenning (1828), George Mason, the Young Backwoodsman (1829), The Shoshonee Valley (1830), Daniel Boone (1833), etc..................$40


3007. John Witherspoon DuBose. 1st ed. of his book ALABAMA'S TRAGIC DECADE - Ten Years of Alabama 1865-1874, Webb Book Co, Birmingham, Alabama, 1940, 426pp plus index. No dj - VG...........$30


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3008. Ferdinand Gregorovius [translated by John L. Garner]. LUCRETIA BORGIA - According to Original Documents and Correspondence Of Her Day, 1903, 1st ed., D. Appleton & Co., 16pp, 8vo. Blue cloth with gilt embossed likeness. No dj. VG........$30


3009. [BOOK] Jacob Brown. BROWN'S MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS - Upon A Great Variety Of Subjects. Prepared and written from 1880 to 1895. 1896, J.J. Miller, Cumberland, Md., 325pp, 8vo. Cloth covers slightly scuffed. VG tight copy of a somewhat scarce edition. Provenance: Frank Cutter Derring Collection...............$60


3010. W.D. Howells. MY MARK TWAIN, 1910, first ed., illus., Harper & Bros., 187pp, 8vo. Green cloth with gilt cover & spine. Wasn't issued with dust jacket. VG+. Provenance: rank Cutter Deering Library..................$60


3011. Thornton Wilder. THE EIGHTH DAY, 1967, 1st ed., Harper & Row, 435 pp, 8vo. VG. No dust jacket....................$15


3012. Margaret L. Coit. JOHN C. CALHOUN - American Portrait, 1950, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 593pp, 8vo. No dj. Cloth. VG. Deering Collection...........$20


3013. [CONFEDERATE VIRGINIA] GREEN MOUNT - A Virginia Plantation Family During The Civil War, edited by Betsy Fleet & John D.P. Fuller, 1962, U. of Ky. Press, 374 pages including index. With good+ dust jacket. About the Fleet family of Tidewater, Va., near Richmond. Central to Green Mount is the journal of Benjamin Fleet, which begins at age 13 in 1860. He was shot and killed during the war by Union soliders. A must for those who purchased Benny Fleet & family letters from us years ago. Many of those same letters are included in this text. VG overall.............$40


3014. [LINCOLN] David Herbert Donald. His book LINCOLN, 1995, 714 pp. with dj. In like-new condition. Pulitzer Prize-winning author. "Donald's biography is written from Lincoln's point of view. In re-creating LIncoln's world, Donald seats us behind the President's desk, where we read the papers and reports he received and wrote, meet the politicians and generals and ordinary citizens who visited the President's office, and observe Lincoln evaluating the evidence before him and making the decisions that shaped modern America." (from flap)............$20

Signed by William F. Buckley

3015. [SIGNED BOOK] William F. Buckley Jr. - American author, journalist and conservative commentator. He founded the influential conservative political magazine National Review in 1955 and the award-winning television show Firing Line in 1966. His tiny typical red signature on blank flyleaf of his book "THE STORY OF HENRI TOD", The Franklin Mint, 1984. Fancy binding but covers stained................$25


3016. [SIGNED] Christopher Benfey, The Double Life of Stephen Crane, New York: Knopf, 1992. Cloth. Very Good with VG dj. First Edition. Benfey's critical biography of Crane is the first reassessment of the author in more than a quarter of a century; in the book Benfey shows that Crane tried to live the stories that he had written. An engrossing book about one of America's most innovative writers; with photographs and index. Author signed/inscribed on flyleaf; signed again on title page.........$25


3017. C.W. Barron. THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT - a discussion of the principles and operations of the new Banking Act as originally published in The Wall Street Journal and the Boston News Bureau, 1914, Boston News Bureau Co, 223pp, 8vo. Cloth. VG. With Frank Cutter Deering bookplate..................$20


3018. [CIVIL WAR] Louis A. Sigaud. His book BELLE BOYD, Richmond ,Virginia: The Dietz Press, 1945, Richmond, Virginia, 1945. Grey Cloth. Book Condition: Very Good. 254 PP. NO DJ......$35



3019. Clara Endicott Sears, Days Of Delusion, A Strange Bit of History, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1924, 1st Ed., 264pp., 8vo. Sl. faded spine, no dj. This book is about MILLER, William (1782-1849), American religious leader, who founded the Protestant Adventist denomination ( see Adventists), also known as the Millerites. Miller, a Baptist, closely studied the Bible, especially the Book of Daniel, and concluded that the world would end and Christ would appear in the year 1843. He began preaching these ideas in 1831. By 1840 some of his many followers had disposed of their belongings in anticipation of the judgment day. When 1843 passed uneventfully, Miller set a new date in 1844 for the end of the world. In 1845, although the movement had collapsed in disillusionment, Miller and a few loyal followers met in Albany, N.Y., and founded the Adventist church. Former owner's signature. Scarce. Fair-Good condition.......$90


3020. [CONFEDERACY] Jefferson Davis. The [1938] reprint of his 2 vol. set THE RISE AND FALL OF THE CONFEDERATE GOVERNMENT, Garrett and Masie, Richmond, Va., total 1279 pages. No dust jackets. VG..............$125


3021. {Abraham Lincoln} MESSAGE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES TO THE TWO HOUSES OF CONGRESS AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE THIRD SESSION OF THE THIRTY- SEVENTH CONGRESS. Washington: 1862, 910 pp. FIRST EDITION. Monaghan 146. Contains 21 page message of president Lincoln, SIGNED IN TYPE. Green decorated cloth covers, very good. Contents tight with occasional light toning. After the Battle of Antietam and his Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on 23 Sept. 1862, Lincoln here proposes a constitutional amendment to free all the slaves. He sets forth his plan of compensated and gradual emancipation, complete with proposed constitutional amendment to free all slaves by January 1, 1900. He would keep forever free those slaves liberated by "the chance of war." He argues that his plan "saves them from the vagrant destitution which must largely attend immediate emancipation in localities where their numbers are very great; and it gives the inspiring assurance that their posterity shall be free forever." He closes this message with another one of his great public statements: "The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history. We, of this Congress and this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance, or insignificance, can spare one or another of us. The fiery trial through which we pass will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free - honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose the last best hope of earth."The rest of this document consists of Seward's report on foreign affairs..~.............$200


3022. [CONFEDERACY] Douglas Southall Freeman. 1st edition of his 4 vol. set R.E. LEE, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1934, no dust jackets. Red cloth. VG...................$280


3023. [NAPOLEON - Book] William Forsyth. HISTORY OF THE CAPTIVITY OF NAPOLEON AT ST. HELENA; From the Letters and Journals of the late Lieut-Gen Sir Hudson Lowe. Publisher: John Murray, London, 1853. A superb three-volume set in cloth, complete with large fold-out map in Vol.1; 495pp.; 490pp.; 529pp, engraved frontispieces to all volumes. Sunned spines; rubbed corners; small suff-hole front cover vol. 1; vol. 2 cover loose; vol. 3 covers cracked...................$200


3024. [MAINE - Book] Kingsbury, Benjamin, Jr. "The Maine Townsman, or Laws for the Regulation of Towns, Forms and Judicial Decisions etc.", 8th edition, publ. Portland, 1860, 396 pp, leather bound. VG................$50


3025. [SIGNED BOOK] EGON HOSTOVSKY [1908-1973] one of the most distinctive figures in Czech prose as well as one of the most prolific. Signed 1st American printing of his book THE HIDEOUT, Random House, NY, 1945, 112 pp. With VG dust jacket................$40


3026. [SIGNED BOOK] BEN KUROKI [b.1917] WORLD WAR II soldier of Japanese ancestry. Signed book titled BOY FROM NEBRASKA - The Story of Ben Kuroki, written by Ralph G. Martin, Harper & Bros., NY, 1946, 208 pages. Forward written by Bill Mauldin. Touching story of Kuroki's heroism in the face of bigotry. Signed by Kuroki on half-title page. Ex-library. No dust jacket. Otherwise VG........................$25


3027. [SIGNED BOOK] LEW SARETT [1888-1954] Educator and poet; remembered especially for his poems dealing with American Indian themes. Signed & inscribed 1st printing of his book THE COLLECTED POEMS OF LEW SARETT. Henry Holt & Co, NY, 1941, 383 pages. Forward by Carl Sandburg. No dj o/w VG........................$25


3028. (REV. WAR) STONE, WILLIAM L. Memoir of the Centennial Celebration of Burgoyne's Surrender Held at Schuylerville, NY, Joel Munsell, Albany, NY 1878 Cover with serious faults, spine almost shot, contents VG. 189 pp, 4to. Damaged Marbleized Boards with Leather spine and bumped corners. Frank C. Derring's bookplate...............$25


3029. (KENTUCKY) JlLLSON, Willard Rouse. THE BOONE NARRATIVE - The Story of the Origin and Discovery Coupled With the Reproduction in Facsimile of a Rare Item of Early Kentuckiana to Which Is Appended a Sketch of Boone and a Bibliography of 238 Titles. 1st edition, 1932, 1000 copies printed, 63 pp, 8vo. Hard paper covers. Publ. by The Standard Printing Co., Louisville, Ky. Illus. Spine sl. sunned o/w VG+. Provenance: Frank C. Deering collection.................$50


3030. [SIGNED BOOK] JOHN HAYS HAMMOND [1855-1936] American mining engineer, b. San Francisco. On staff, U.S. Geological Survey, in California gold fields (1880); associated with Cecil Rhodes in development of South African resources; a leader in Transvaal reform movement (1895-96); arrested after Jameson Raid and sentenced to death; sentence commuted to imprisonment; freed finally on payment of fine. Consulting engineer, esp. to Guggenheim Exploration Co. (1900-07). A signed book from his library titled "THE FORMS OF WATER IN CLOUDS & RIVERS, ICE & GLACIERS,"by John Tyndall, London, 1889. Hammond writes by his signature "Johannesburg 1895". Signed the year of the Jameson Raid for which Hammond was to be sentenced to death. NO dj o/w VG. Quite uncommon.........................$100


3031. [CIVIL WAR] WM. MORRISON ROBINSON JR. 1st ed. of his book THE CONFEDERATE PRIVATEERS. 1928, 372pp. New Haven: Yale Univ. Press,1928., 1928. 8vo, 372 pp. Original cloth.VG - no dust jacket. Very scarce in dust jacket. A specialized study of great merit and impeccable authority. A clear, well-documented and interesting account that includes sections on submarines and sea-going partisans. With 7 illust. plates..............$60


3032. (KENTUCKY) Jillson, Willard Rouse. FILSON'S KENTUCKE - A Facsimile Reproduction of the Original Wilmington Edition of 1784, with Paged Critique, Sketch of Filson's Life and Bibliography Louisville, KY, John P. Morton & Co. FINE no dj [probably never issued with dust jacket]. Signed & inscribed by Lawrence Martin [see Lot 152], 1929. 1st edition, 1929, limited to 200 copies. Inscribed to Frank C. Deering. In like-new condition. Large folded map laid in rear.......$80


3034. [SIGNED BOOK] JOHN HAYS HAMMOND [1855-1936] American mining engineer, b. San Francisco. On staff, U.S. Geological Survey, in California gold fields (1880); associated with Cecil Rhodes in development of South African resources; a leader in Transvaal reform movement (1895-96); arrested after Jameson Raid and sentenced to death; sentence commuted to imprisonment; freed finally on payment of fine. Consulting engineer, esp. to Guggenheim Exploration Co. (1900-07). A signed book from his library titled INTRODUCTION TO FRESH-WATER ALGAE, by M.C. Cooke, 1890, London, 339 pages with 13 illus. plates. Book from the International Scientific Series. Hammond writes by his signature "Johannesburg, South Africa, 1895. Signed the year of the Jameson Raid for which Hammond was to be sentenced to death. NO dj o/w VG. Quite uncommon.........................$100


3036. [SIGNED BOOK] Samuel Hazo - American poet, essayist, and novelist. He is the founder and director of the International Poetry Forum. Hazo is McAnulty Distinguished Professor of English Emeritus at Duquesne University, where he taught for 43 years. He was chosen to be the first State Poet of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by Governor Robert Casey in 1993 and served in that role until 2003. Offered here is his book "Once for the Last Bandit", signed & inscribed, 1973, U. of Pittsburgh Press, [1972], 206pp. Book of his poems. In VG dust jacket. Samuel Hazo was a National Book Award finalist for his collection "Once for the Last Bandit." ...........25-35


Both Signed by Charles S. Pierce

3037. American Statesman: Abraham Lincoln: Volumes 1 & 2, by John T. Morse, Jr., Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1893. Hard Cover. Book Condition: Very Good. No Jacket. Nice two-volume set. Gild lettering on front panels and spine, and gilted top page edges are in very good condition. Ex-Library, signed inside front covers by Charles S. Pierce [Memorial Fund]. Binding tight, pages clean. Minimal wear. Folded Map included at the back of Vol. 1. Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) American philosopher, logician, mathematician, and scientist, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today he is appreciated largely for his contributions to logic, mathematics, philosophy, and semiotics, and for his founding of pragmatism. In 1934, the philosopher Paul Weiss called Peirce "the most original and versatile of American philosophers and America's greatest logician." He saw logic as the formal branch of semiotics, of which he is a founder. As early as 1886 he saw that logical operations could be carried out by electrical switching circuits, the same idea as was used decades later to produce digital computers................$250


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3038. The Vision of Don Roderick; A Poem by (Sir) Walter Scott, published by Anthony Finley & B.B. Hopkins, Philadelphia, 1811. First American edition (one of a couple editions published in 1811 in the U.S.). Printed papercovered boards. Spine gone, corners chipped, foxed, a fair copy only............$75

See cover

Title page




3039. [CONFEDERAT] Douglas Southhall Freeman. "LEE'S LIEUTENANTS, Charles Scribner's Sons, NY, 1945 [later printing], 3 vols. Bound in black cloth with gilt stamp to front board and spine. Sl. sunned spines; some corners slightly bumped. Overall all in very good tight condition.............$150

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