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147. [MUSIC] Sir CHARLES HALLE [1819-1895]. British pianist and conductor, b. Germany. To England (1848); established Hallé Orchestra and conducted (1858-95) Hallé Concerts, Manchester; first principal, Royal Coll. of Music at Manchester (1893). MOUNTED SIGNATURE [1877]..........25-35

230. [MUSIC] SIR MALCOLM SARGENT (1895-1967) British Conductor. His sense of occasion and unfailing panache won him great popularity at home and abroad. He was knighted in 1947. SIGNATURE in pencil on album page........20-30

243. Ginny Simms [1915-1994] was a big band singer and film actress. TLS, 1992, 1p. Includes sheet music featuring her on cover...................25-35

289. [MUSIC] MARIE HALL [1884-1956] She was easily the foremost living English woman violinist of her time. Large bold signature on full album page...................30-40

318. [MUSIC] TITO GUIZAR (1908-1999) was a Mexican singer and actor. TLS, 1936, 1p, 4to. To Chas. E. Funk at the Literary Digest. Re: the pronunciation of his name. Corner faults, toned / SHIRLEY HOWARD - radio performer. SIGNED/INSCRIBED vintage photo. There are some condition problem with photo / TOSSY SPIVAKOVSKY - VIOLINIST. SIGNED 1947 CONCERT PROGRAM. VG / LORIN HOLLANDER - pianist. Signed 1960 promotional flyer.........35-45

547. [COUNTRY MUSIC] ROY CLARK - ISP, 8x10. Signed cards: Floyd Cramer, Conway Twitty. Signed/inscribed cards by Donna Fargo, Faron Young. VG.................40-60

566. [MUSIC] Sir Michael COSTA [1810-1884] conductor, composer. He has penned one line of music on sheet, signed & dated April 1876, 59 Eccleston Square, London. There is a piece missing from left edge but this does not affect any of the text. This will not show if matted/framed. Costa was Knighted in 1869; conductor at the King's Theatre, Covent Garden...........80-120

597. [BAPTIST - MUSIC] PHILLIPS, Philip, singer, born in Chautauqua county, New York, 13 August, 1834. He developed a talent for music at an early age, and later studied under Lowell Mason. In 1853 he began to conduct singing schools in Alleghany, New York, and in the neighboring towns and cities. He united with the Methodist church with his wife in 1860; before that time he had been a Baptist. In the same year he brought out his first musical publication," Early Blossoms," of which he sold 20,000 copies. The next year he opened a music-store in Cincinnati, where he published "Musical Leaves" (Cincinnati, 1862; revised ed., 1867), which had a sale of 700,000 copies. During the civil war he gave powerful aid to the Christian commission by his services of song in different parts of the country. In 1866 he came to New York, and two years later he visited England, where he held services in all parts of the country. He also prepared, for the British Sun-day-school union, "The American Sacred Songster" (London, 1868), of which 1,100,000 copies were sold. Several years later he made a tour of the world, holding praise services in the Sandwich islands, Australia, New Zealand, Palestine, Egypt, and India, and in the cities of Europe. He has published a large number of song collections, in-eluding " Spring Blossoms" (Cincinnati, 1865); "Singing Pilgrini" (New York, 1866) ;" Day-School Singer " (Cincinnati, 1869);" Gospel Singer" (Boston, 1874); " Song Sermons" (New York, 1877), and others, and also "Song Pilgrimage around and throughout the World, with an Introduction by John It. Vincent, and a Biographical Sketch by A. Clark" (Chicago, 1880). CLIP SIGNATURE...........................25-35

733. [MUSIC] CONRAD BECK [1901-1989] Swiss composer. Signed musical quotation in pencil - 2 bars from music he dates as having been composed in 1931. Approx. 8-1/4 x 3 in..................................75-100

734. [MUSIC] ANDREW W. IMBRIE [b. 1921] Composer. Signed musical quotation from his 1970 3rd Symphony - 2 bars. Approx. 8-1/4 x 3 in. Fine...................50-75

776. [MUSIC] Sir Andrzej PANUFNIK (1914-1991) Polish composer, pianist, and a conductor of classical music. He was born in Warsaw. He migrated to Britain, escaping from Poland in 1954. The performance and the publication of his work had been prohibited by the Polish government, and remained so until 1977. On 1991, Panufnik was made a Knight by Queen Elizabeth II. He wrote 10 symphonies, 3 string quartets, and a number of concerts and other compositions. HE HAS WRITTEN OUT AND SIGNED BAR OF MUSIC, 1979. Fine.................................75-100

778. [MUSIC] Menahem PRESSLER (b. 1923) German pianist. The founding member of the Beaux Arts Trio, a group which many people in the field of chamber music have regarded highly for almost 50 years. Signed in pencil 1951 concert program........................................25-35

785. JIMMY DAVIS (1899-2000) American Politician/Singer/Composer. In 1929 a talent scout from RCA Records heard him sing and signed him .He also became a music composer. In 1935 he had his first big hit, "Nobody's Darling But Mine," another major hit with a song that became a country standard, "It Makes No Difference Now." In 1940, he recorded his composition "You Are My Sunshine." It became a million-seller and Gene Autry and Bing Crosby were among the first of over 350 artists to record the song. He ran for Governor of Louisiana in 1944 and won. And ran again in 1960 and won. He appeared in a few films. SIGNED 3x5 Lined card....................20-30

837. [ENTERTAINER] Kenneth Laurence "Kenny" Baker (born September 30, 1912; died August 10, 1985) was an American singer/actor who first gained notice as the featured singer on Jack Benny's radio shows during the 1930s. At the height of his radio fame, and after leaving the Benny show in 1939 (succeeded by Dennis Day), he appeared in a dozen or so film musicals (At the Circus, The Harvey Girls) and later co-starred with Mary Martin in the original Broadway production of Kurt Weill and Ogden Nash's One Touch of Venus. He also recorded a number of hymn albums for his church. After retiring from performing in the early 1950s, he became a Christian Science practitioner and motivational speaker. SIGNED/INSCRIBED 3x5 card. Fine..........................15-20

841. [MUSIC] VINCENT LOPEZ - pianist. Signed 7 x 5 in. photo showing him holding a tiny grand piano in his hands....................25-35

845. [MUSIC] Floyd Cramer (October 27, 1933 &endash; December 31, 1997) was an American Hall of Fame pianist who was one of the architects of the "Nashville Sound." Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Cramer grew up in the small town of Huttig, Arkansas, teaching himself to play the piano. After finishing high school he returned to Shreveport where he worked as a pianist for the Louisiana Hayride radio show. In 1952, he made his way to Nashville, Tennessee at a time when the use of piano accompanists in country music was growing in popularity. Before long Cramer would become one of the busiest studio musicians in the industry, playing piano for stars such as Elvis Presley, Brenda Lee, Patsy Cline, The Browns, Jim Reeves, Roy Orbison, Don Gibson and the Everly Brothers amongst many others. However, Cramer remained a virtual unknown to anyone but music industry insiders until he recorded a 45rpm Single in 1960 called "Last Date ." An instrumental, the music exhibited a relatively new concept for piano playing known as the "slip note" style. The record went to No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop music chart. By the mid-1960s, Cramer had become a respected performer, making numerous albums and touring with guitar maestro Chet Atkins and saxophonist Boots Randolph. Floyd Cramer passed away in 1997 and was interred in the Spring Hill Cemetery in the Nashville suburb of Madison, Tennessee. In 2003, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. SIGNED 3x5 card. Slight irregular discoloration......................15-20

846. [OPERA] THEO ADAM (1926-) German Opera Singer. One of the leading Wagnerian heroic Bass-Baritones of his time. SIGNED 4x6 photograph......25-35

929. [MUSIC] CHARLES N. GRANVILLE [b. 1876] English-American baritone & voice teacher. Signed/inscribed 1920 photo, approx. 6-3/4 x 7-1/2..................50-75

945. (COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME) ERNEST TUBB [1914-1984] THE TEXAS TROUBADOUR singer. DS, 1975 bank check. Stamp cancel just touches signature. ......................50-75

1128. (MUSIC) LA SALLE SPIER - American composer, pianist and teacher. Archive of letters etc. Includes: signed National Symphony Orchestra magazine, 1939 3 lengthy ALSs, 1939 & 1942, to Walt Kuhn [famous artist] and his wife [his sister] * 2 retained signed TLSs, 1962 & 63, from Brenda Kuhn to Uncle Salle [Brenda was the daughter of Vera & Walt Kuhn] another ALS, 1941, to the Kuhns written on side of printed Recital by Pupils of LaSalle Spier plus numerous musical programs & news clippings. Provenance: Estate of Brenda Kuhn, Cape Neddick, Maine..............100-150

1338. [MUSIC] WOLFGANG SAWALLICH (1923- ) German Conductor -he has been principal conductor of major symphony orchestra throughout the world, such as Hamburg Symphony, Philharmonic State Orchestra, Vienna Symphony, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Bavarian Opera. He became Conductor of the Philadelphia Symphony 1993, and is guest conductor across the world. SIGNED 4x6 color photograph conducting. FINE.......................35-45

1444. [MUSIC] JESSE CRAWFORD - world famous organist; The Poet of the Organ. He played himself in a 1940 movie about him. Signed/inscribed card. VG...............25-35

1510. [MUSIC] MERCER ELLINGTON (1919-1996) American Composer/Bandleader/Musician. He was best known for continuing, in one form or another, the Duke Ellington Orchestra after his father's death at the age of 75 in 1974. For next two decades, he toured with the band, made recordings and was the musical director and conductor of "Sophisticated Ladies," a music and dance revue of his father's music. Ellington was a well-schooled musician, studying in New York at Columbia University, the Institute of Musical Art and Juilliard. Beginning in the late 1930's, he occasionally led his own band, working with Billy Strayhorn, Clark Terry, Cat Anderson and Carmen McRae. SIGNATURE with sentiment .............20-30

1520. [OPERA] SIR KEITH FALKNER (1900-1994) British Opera Singer. He was on of the most beloved of singers in the Commonweath, and USA. He directed the Royal College of Music frm 1960-74) Knighted in 1967 by Queen Elizabeth II. He originally trained with the RCM, made qreat successes in Vienna, Berlin, Paris. SIGNED card dtd 10/17/91..................20-30

1757. [MUSIC] LOUIS BIANCOLLI (1907-?) American Musicologist/Music Critic/Author. He wrote many books on music, he was the biographer of the great opera singer Mary Garden. ALS. 1983, 1P, 4to..............25-35

1881. [OPERA] HELEN TRAUBEL (1903-1973) American Opera Singer - she made her Metropolitan Opera debut in 1939 and stayed until 1953, meanwhile touring internationally. She was a leading Wagnerian soprano of her time, who also enjoyed success in popular-music venues. SIGNATURE on album page........20-30


1884. [MUSIC] JOHN FIEDLER (1925- ) American Actor -did his first professional work in his native Wisconsin. Fiedler's many Broadway appearances included the 1960 play A Raisin in the Sun, in which he was the only Caucasian in a virtually all-black cast. His first film role was as the supplicative Juror No. 2 in Twelve Angry Men (1957). Fiedler's stock in trade was the meek-looking soul who compensated for his demeanor with a nasty temper or sadistic streak. In this capacity, he was often seen as vindictive school principals, obstreperous civil servants or combative psychiatric patients (vide TV's The Bob Newhart Show). Incredibly prolific in films and on television, John Fiedler's best-known role was Vinnie, Oscar Madison's card-playing crony in both the stage and screen versions of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple. SIGNED 10x8 photograph..............25-35

2157. Sir George Robey. Orig. George Edward Wade [1869-1954]. English comedian. Created many comic roles on stage, esp. in music-hall performances (from 1891); during World War I relieved London with musical comedy The Bing Boys Are Here; also in films, including Don Quixote, Chu Chin Chow, Southern Roses. Signed 2-3/4 x 4 in. photograph in clown makeup. VG................75-100

2271. [MUSIC] Walter Damrosch [1862-1950] American symphony conductor. Damrosch was best known as a conductor of Richard Wagner. He was also a pioneer in the performance of music on the radio, and as such became one of the chief classical musicpopularizers of in the United States. TLS, 1925, 1p, 4to. "...I am glad that you have so good a musical memory, and that the Children's concerts have have....".............75-100

2292. GEORGE ROBEY (1869 -1954) British Music Hall star. Particularly known for having participated with great enthusiasm in recruitment for the army during the First World War in Britain. In one theatre he promised "a shiny florin for every recruit who signs on tonight". (The Slogan - Sidelights on recruiting with Harry Lauder's Band by Private Joseph Quigley, Simpkin London 1916). Signed composite postcard showing him in 6 poses.........50-75

2320. [OPERA] JAMES MELTON - signed with initials, proof sheet for his biography in 1943 WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA; ROBERTA PETERS - signed/inscribed 8x10 photo [slight crease showing at certain angel]; LAWRENCE TIBBETT [1896-1960] American singer, b. Bakersfield, Cal. Concert debut (1917); debut at Metropolitan Opera, New York City (1923); regular member of Metropolitan company (1925-50), becoming principal baritone esp. in Italian roles; popular also in light opera, films, on radio, and on Broadway as in The Barrier (1950), Fanny (1956). Clip signature mounted. 3 pieces................................60-80

2412. [MUSIC] Frances Allitsen (1849 - 1912) MOUNTED SIGNATURE WITH SENTIMENT...........20-30