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None of the French autographs arte translated

159. [THEATRE] Alfred Wigan (1818-1878), English actor, manager. ANS, 1857], 1p., 7 x 4 in. "The ladies & gentlemen engaged in the performance of 'Hush Money' at Windsor Castle on Wednesday evening last will receive at the treasury the enumeration for their services sent this morning by Mr. Charles Kean." Paper clip mark, very light stain - both minor............60-80

160. [THEATRE] NORMAN WILKINSON [1882-1934] English state designer. ALS, 1928, 1p. To Miss Homan saying he can't attend the art show. Slightly toned with small stain left edge................25-35

161. [THEATRE] GERALD SAVORY [1909-1996] Playwright. ALS, NY, 1939, 2pp, 8vo. To Roland Young. All his plans have clashed badly on the verge of a production in London. Seriously considering a return to Hollywood if you should hear of an assignment. ...........75-100

162. Katherine Helmond (b.1928) Am. film, theater and television actress.TLS on back of picture postcard...........15-20

163. [FRENCH THEATRE] JACQUES SEREYS [b.1928-?] French theatre director & actor. ALS, 1968, on both sides, 4to. Speaks of money to be given to Margaret Ramsay. Fine..................60-80

164. [FRANCE] Autran, Joseph [1813-1877]. French poet and dramatist. Author of La Fille d' Eschyle (1848), Le Cyclope (1863), etc. A 2-page ALS or LS [?], 1896. Not translated. Fine.................60-80

165. [FRANCE] EB (Bourdet, Édouard. 1887-1945). French dramatist. Author of satirical and psychological studies of contemporary society. HIS INITIALS PLUS 2 WORDS ON TLS, 1928, FROM MARCEL BALLOT. VG. Not translated...........40-60

166. [THEATRE] Howard Lindsay (1889-1968) American theatrical producer, playwright, librettist, director and actor. He is best known for his writing work as part of the collaboration of Lindsay and Crouse, and for his performance, with his wife Dorothy Stickney, in the long-running play Life with Father. Signed, inscribed to Eddie 8x10 vintage photo from "Life with Father." VG.............40-60

167. [THEATRE] Jeanne Sylvanie Arnould-Plessy (1819-1897) French stage actress. The daughter of a local actor named Plessy, she was a pupil of Samson at the Conservatoire in 1829. Plessy made her debut as Emma at the Comedie Française in 1834 in Alexandre Duval's La Fille d'honneur. She had an immense success, and Mlle Mars, to whom the public already compared her, took her up. Until 1845 she had prominent parts in all the plays, new and old, at the Théâtre Français, when suddenly at the height of her success, she left Paris and went to London to marry the dramatic author, J. F. Arnould (d. 1854), a man much older than herself. The Comedie Française, after having tried in vain to bring her back, brought a suit against her and obtained damages. In the meantime, Madame Arnould-Plessy accepted an engagement at the French theatre at St. Petersburg (Mikhaylovsky Theatre ), where she played for nine years and was greatly appreciated by Nicholas I and the Russian aristocraty. In 1855 she returned to Paris and was re-admitted to the Comedie Française, as pensionnaire in an engagement for eight years. This second part of her career was even more brilliant than the first. She revived some of her old roles, but her later triumphs were especially associated with new plays by Emile Augier, including Maître Guérin. Her last appearance was in Edouard Cadol's La Grand-maman; she retired in 1876, and died in 1897. ALS, no year, 2pp...........75-100

168. [BRITISH THEATRE] Maurice Evans (1901-1989) English actor noted for his interpretations of Shakespearean characters. ANS, on card dated 1966..........50-75

169. (Hortense) Rhea [1844-1899] Belgium actress. Sig. card, w/sentiment, 1894.............20-30

170. Rachel Crothers (1878-1958) prolific and successful American playwright and theater director, known for her well-crafted plays. One of the most famous was Susan and God (1937), which was made into a film by MGM in 1940 starring Joan Crawford and Frederic March. ALS, April 17, no yr., 2pp. VG................40-60

171. [IRISH LITERATURE] Brian Friel (b. 1929) Northern Irish dramatist and theatre director. Friel wrote Philadelphia Here I Come! (1964), the play that was to make him immediately famous in Dublin, London, and New York. Signed, inscribed 8x10 photo.............60-80

172. [THEATRE] Stuart Robson [1836-1903] stage actor. Signature w/sentiment......20-30

173. [THEATRE] Robert Woodruff Anderson (b. 1917) is an American playwright and screenwriter, perhaps best known as the author of Tea and Sympathy, which made its Broadway debut in 1953 and was made into an MGM film in 1956. Both versions starred Deborah Kerr and John Kerr. Anderson wrote the screenplays for 1959's The Nun's Story and 1966's The Sand Pebbles. He was Oscar-nominated for the The Nun's Story as well as the 1970 screen version of his play I Never Sang for My Father. SIGNED & INSCRIBED 6.5 x 10" photo. He also signs & describes this particular photo. Dated 2000................25-35

174. [THEATRE] Josephine Victor [1885-?] turn of the century actress, appearing in Britain, America, and on Broadway. She was married to theatre manager Freancis Reid. She appeared in many of Channing Pollock's plays. AQS, 1908. "Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever."......35-45

175. [THEATRE] Hubert Henry Davies (1869-1917) was a leading British playwright of the early twentieth century. AQS, Paris, 1910, on 4-3/8 x 2-3/4" card............25-35

176. [THEATRE] Helen Hayes (1900-1993)two-time Academy Award-winning American actress whose successful and award-winning career spanned almost 70 years. She eventually garnered the nickname "First Lady of the American Theater", and was one of the nine people who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony Award. SIGNATURE on album page................25-35

177. [THEATRE] Katharine C. Herne [1857-1943] American popular stage actress. ALS, 1902, 2pp. Slight show-thru stain on back of 1st page; stain is more prominent on last page but well below text.............25-35

178. [THEATRE] Beatrice Herford (1868&endash;1952) American actress and vaudeville performer born in England. ALS, no date, 1p. ...............20-30

179. [THEATRE] Rosemary Harris (b. 1927) Tony Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated English actress and a member of the American Theatre Hall of Fame. SIGNED & inscribed 3.5 x 5.5 in. photo.............20-30

180. [THEATRE] Walter Hampden (1879-1955) American actor and theatre manager. SIGNATURE............15-20

181. [THEATRE] Charlotte Greenwood (1890-1977) American actress and dancer. She starred with such luminaries as Betty Grable, Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor, Buster Keaton, and Carmen Miranda. Most of Greenwood's best work was done on the stage. SIGNED 5X7 PHOTO...............25-35

182. [THEATRE] George Graves (1876-1949) English comic actor who created The Gazeka, a mythical beast. He introduced it as a bit of by-play in the musical, The Little Michus at Daly's Theatre, London, in 1905. As a result, Graves's little idea became a fad of the season and a competition was mounted to encourage artists to give sketches of what the beast might look like. Charles Folkard won the competition and the Gazeka suddenly appeared in the form of various items of novelty jewellery, charms, etc, and was taken up by Perrier , the sparkling water makers, for a series of advertisements. The Gazeka also featured in a special song and dance in the entertainment Akezag, at the London Hippodrome at Christmas, 1905. ALS, no date, 1p..............25-35

183. [FRENCH THEATRE] Louis Desire Veron (1798-1867) French opera manager and publisher. Veron originally made his fortune from patent medicines. In 1829 he founded the journal Revue de Paris, and from 1838 to 1852 was owner and director of the Constitutionnel, in which he published Eugene Sue's novel based on the legend of the Wandering Jew. It was also during Veron's direction and at his suggestion that Sainte-Beuve contributed the Causeries du lundi, an early example of the regular newspaper column. He is largely known to history for his direction, from 1831-1835, of the Paris Opera. DOCUMENT SIGNED, 1831, 1p. Not translated..................75-100


184. [BRITISH THEATRE] Marie Studholme [1875-1930] British Musical Comedy Actress. She was very popular in England, appearing with Dame Gladys Cooper and other stars of the period. SIGNED postcard photo postmarked 1905 on verso. Most attractive.............40-60

185. [THEATRE] Joseph Jefferson [1829-1905] clip signature in pencil.........20-30

186. Neil Burgess [1846-1910] Vaudevillian comedian who specialized in female impersonations. Signature...........15-20

187. [THEATRE] Ignacio Martinetti [? - 1931] American actor, director, composer, conductor. He made his Broadway debut in 1900. In 1905 he appeared in Victor Herbert's "Babes in Toyland". His career ended in 1930 with "Fifty Million Frenchmen." Signed, inscribed cabinet photograph from 1890s. 4 x 6-1/2". Photo by Morrison, Haymarket Theatre. VG for its age...........40-60

188. [THEATRE] Wilson Barrett [1846-1904]. English actor, playwright, and theater manager. Manager in London of Court Theatre (1879-81), Princess Theatre (1881-86), Olympic Theatre (1890-96), Lyric Theatre (1896-99), Lyceum Theatre (1899). Author of Nowadays (1889), The Sign of the Cross (1895), etc. Signed postcard photo [real photo] accompanied with 1897 Theatre Play program "Virginus." VG.............50-75

189. [THEATRE] JNO. B. BUCKSTONE [1802-1879]. English comedian and playwright. Author of some 150 plays and farces, including Uncle Tom, Our Mary Anne, Luke the Labourer, and Ellen Wareham. First London appearance in 1823; lessee and actor-manager, Haymarket Theatre (1853-78). MOUNTED SIGNATURE, 1877...............25-35

190. [THEATRE] Dame Sybil THORNDIKE (1882-1976), English actor. Dame Sybil made her acting debut in 1904. During World War I she took both male and female parts in Shakespearean plays at the Old Vic Theatre. An actor of great skill and versatility, Dame Sybil was especially noted for her tragic roles. SIGNATURE with sentiment on album page....20-30

191. [THEATRE] Dame Sybil THORNDIKE (1882-1976), English actor. Dame Sybil made her acting debut in 1904. During World War I she took both male and female parts in Shakespearean plays at the Old Vic Theatre. An actor of great skill and versatility, Dame Sybil was especially noted for her tragic roles. SIGNATURE with sentiment on album page....20-30

192. [THEATRE] Fritz Williams [1869-1930] Am. actor very popular at turn of the century. Appeared on Broadway from 1899-1930. Signed cabinet photograph dated '98. VG....60-80

193. [THEATRE] Clement Scott (1841&endash;1904) was an influential English theatre critic for the Daily Telegraph, and a playwright and travel writer, in the final decades of the 1800s. Small signed photograph, 1-1/2 x 3 in. G-VG......25-35

194. [THEATRE] Neil Simon (b. 1927) American playwright and screenwriter. His numerous Broadway succcesses have led to his work being among the most regularly performed in the world. Signed card..........20-30

195. [THEATRE] Hildegarde (1906- 2005) American cabaret singer, best known for the song "Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup." "Hildegarde was perhaps the most famous supper-club entertainer who ever lived," the entertainer Liberace once said. SIGNED & INSCRIBED BOLDLY ON threatre program . She was starring in "last Night When We Were Young." She signes & dates this 1992. VG...............35-45

196. [THEATRE] DAMN YANKEES - sheet music for A MAN DOESN'T KNOW from this production signed on the cover by Richard Adler [Music & Lyrics by Adler & Jerry Ross] & George Abbott [Production Director]. VG...........50-75

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197. [THEATRE] Playbill program for the play "LEAF AND BOUGH", 1948, signed on the cover by Coleen Gray [b.1922], Dan O'Herlihy [1919-2005], Louise Buckley, Alice Reinhart, & William Jeffrey..........25-35

198. [THEATRE] Ethel Irving [1869-1963] British actress [not related to Henry Irving]. She created at Daly's Theatre [1902] the part of Sophie in A Country Girl. Another important role she played was Pamela Tuckwell in "What Pamela Wanted" at the Criterion Theatre. ALS, April 12, no yr., written on both sides of Criterion Theatre stationery which also says "Miss Ethel Irving's Season." Light scattered toning..............50-75

199. [THEATRE] Jerome Weidman (1913- 1998) American playwright and novelist. He collaborated with George Abbott on the book for the musical Fiorello! with music by Jerry Bock, and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. All received the 1960 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the work. TLS, 1955, 2pp. Very good content........60-80

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200. [THEATRE] Rita Wellman [1890-1965] American playwright, novelist. Her first play was "The Gentile Wife" [1917]. Was considered with Susan Glaspell one of the most promising playwrights in the 1920s and 30s. She translated the journals of Benito Mussolini. Lengthy AQS, 1925, 2pp............50-75