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This is our first auction of the new year. We are also working on another auction that will end later in January 2010. This is not a paper catalog auction. Along with our regular auctions with printed catalogs we are adding "internet-only" auctions. Hopefully this will means from 6 to 10 or 12 additional auctions per year.
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The rules for bidding are as simple as we could them. Simply email your bid[s], or phone or fax bids if you wish. See emails above. We will attempt to notify you if you are outbid on something and you can bid again if you wish. During the last 2 hours of an auction it may or may not be possible to email bid status but we'll do the best time will allow. A day or two after the auction closes we will email your invoice.
This first auction will end at 10 p.m. EST on Wed. Jan. 6, 2010

There is a 10% Buyer's Premium charged
This is an internet only auction - no paper catalog for this sale.
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1. Henry Richard Charles Wellesley, 1st Earl Cowley (1804-1884) British diplomat. He was the eldest son of the 1st Baron Cowley (1773-1847), and the former Lady Charlotte Cadogan, daughter of the 1st Earl Cadogan, and was consequently a nephew of the 1st Duke of Wellington and of the 1st Marquess Wellesley. Wellesley entered the diplomatic service in 1824, receiving his first important appointment in 1848, when he became Minister Plenipotentiary to the Swiss Cantons; and in the same year he was sent to Frankfort to watch the proceedings of the German Parliament. This was followed by his appointment as Envoy Extraordinary to the new German Confederation, a position which he only held for a short time, as he was chosen in 1852 to succeed Lord Normanby as the British Ambassador in Paris . Lord Cowley, as Wellesley had become on his father's death in 1847, held this important post for fifteen years, and the story of his diplomatic life in Paris cannot be separated from the general history of England and France. As Minister during the greater part of the reign of Napoleon III , he conducted the delicate negotiations between the two countries during the time of those eastern complications which preceded and followed the Crimean War, and also during the excitement and unrest produced by the attempt made in 1858 by Felice Orsini to assassinate the Emperor of the French; while his diplomatic skill was no less in evidence during the war between France and Austria and the subsequent course of events in Italy. In 1857 he was created Earl Cowley and Viscount Dangan; in 1866 he was made a Knight of the Garter; and having assisted Richard Cobden to conclude the commercial treaty between Great Britain and France in 1860, he retired in 1867 from a position which he had filled with distinction to himself and with benefit to his country. LETTER SIGNED, Paris, 1862, 1p. Written in French - not translated. Fine..............60-80

2. Walt Mason [1862-?] "Uncle Walt" the Emporia, Kansas poet whose inimitable wit brought him national reputation. SIGNATURE WITH SENTIMENT, 1912..............15-25

3. Everett Sanders (1882-1950) was an American political figure. He was secretary to President Calvin Coolidge and chairman of the Republican National Committee. SIGNED 3X5 CARD.......15-20

4. [INDIANA] Albert G. Porter (1824-1897), was an Indiana governor, and United States Congressman. SIGNED CARD............15-20

1623 Document
5. THOMAS JACKSON (1579-1640), president of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and dean of Peterborough, was born at Wittonle-Wear, Durham , and educated at Oxford. He became a probationer fellow of Corpus in 1606, and was soon afterwards elected vice-president. In 1623 he was presented to the living of St Nicholas, Newcastle , and about 1625 to the living of Winston, Durham. Five years later he was appointed president of Corpus, and in 1632 the king presented him to the living of Witney, Oxfordshire. He was made a prebendary of Winchester in 1635, and was dean of Peterborough in 1635-1639. Although originally a Calvinist, he became in later life an Arminian. His chief work was a series of commentaries on the Apostles' Creed, the first complete edition being entitled The Works of Thomas Jackson, D.D. (London, 1673). The commentaries were, however, originally published in 1613-1657, as twelve books with different titles, the first being The Eternal Truth of Scriptures (London, 1613). AUTOGRAPH DOCUMENT SIGNED, 1623, 1p, approx. 6-1/4 x 4-1/4". Written in Latin. VG............200-250
6. James W. Alexander (1804-1859) American Presbyterian minister and theologian who followed in the footsteps of his father, Rev. Archibald Alexander. After graduation Alexander studied theology at the Princeton Seminary. In 1824 he was appointed a tutor, and during the same year he was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was pastor of a Presbyterian church in Charlotte County, Virginia from 1826 to 1828, and of the First Presbyterian Church of Trenton, New Jersey from 1829 to 1832. In 1833 he was appointed Professor of Rhetoric and Belles-Letters in the College of New Jersey. He served in this position until 1844, when he became pastor of New York City 's Duane Street Presbyterian Church. He served as professor of ecclesiastical history and church government at Princeton Seminary from 1849 to 1851. He then returned to the New York church, which in its new location was known as the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. He served as minister there until his death. Alexander became a patron of Henry Baldwin Hyde, who founded the Equitable Life Assurance Society in 1859. Many of the company's original directors were members of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church recruited by Alexander.[3] Alexander's brother, William Cowper Alexander , was named the first president of the company. His son, James Waddell Alexander, would also later serve as president of the company, while another son, William C. Alexander, served as company secretary. ALS, Ship Asia, June 7, (18)57, 1p. To Peter D. Vroom, who was the Gov. of New Jersey. Letter of recommendation for Prof. Schele de Vere of the Univ. of Virginia. Laid to another sheet..............35-45

7. [THEATRE] Newspaper clipping signed by RICHARD BENJAMIN and PAULA PRENTISS. BOTH WERE APPEARING IN THE PLAY "The Norman Conquests."................20-30

8. [ART] Charles Allan Gilbert (1873-1929) was a U.S. artist and illustrator. Gilbert studied art in New York City and Paris. He is most famous for his illustration All Is Vanity (1892), an optical illusion. Created when Gilbert was only eighteen years old, the drawing depicts what appears to be a large grinning skull. This work was sold in 1902 to Life Publishing Co. SIGNATURE with sentiment, Aug. 14th '92. ...........20-30

9. [ART] Sir George Clausen RA (1852 – 1944), was an English artist. Elected an ARA in 1895 and a RA in 1906, he was knighted in 1927. He became one of the foremost modern painters of landscape and of peasant life, influenced to a certain extent by the impressionists with whom he shared the view that light is the real subject of landscape art. His pictures excel in rendering the appearance of things under flecking outdoor sunlight, or in the shady shelter of a barn or stable. His Girl at the Gate was acquired by the Chantrey Trustees and is now at the Tate Gallery. ALS, 1928, 1p. Brief letter saying he can not criticize art club............35-45

10. [ART] George Alfred Rogers (1837-1897) English like woodcarver like his famous father, WILLIAM GIBBS ROGERS (1792 - 1875). ALS, 1874, London, 2pp. Sent to Mr. Hall [Samuel Carter Hall 1800-89, the Irish-born Victorian journalist who is best known for his editorship of The Art Journal and for his much-satirised personality]. Sorry Hall was unable to visit because of illness. VG..............50-75

11. [ART] John R. Burgess [1829-1897] English artist. Two [2] ALSs, 1871 & 1877, each 1p. , sent to Samuel Carter Hall 1800-89, the Irish-born Victorian journalist who is best known for his editorship of The Art Journal and for his much-satirised personality.................75-100

12. [ART] John Massey Rhind (1860-1936) American sculptor born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Among Rhind's better known works is the marble statue of Dr. Crawford W. Long located in the National Statuary Hall Collection in Washington D.C. (1926). Rhind began his art studies under the tutorage of his father John Rhind (1828 – 1892), a respected and successful sculptor in Edinburgh. He continued his education with Jules Dalou, who was at that time living and teaching in Lambeth, England. He then moved to Paris to continue his education for two more years. Upon completing his training he considered moving to the United States but was cautioned by his father not to do so because, "There is no sculptural art in America . . .You'll starve." Despite this sage parental advice Rhind immigrated to the United States in 1889 and settled in New York City. n February 1890 John Jacob Astor III died and shortly thereafter a competition to create three sets of bronze doors dedicated to him for Trinity Church, New York was announced. Rhind entered the competition, and, along with Charles Niehaus and Karl Bitter , was awarded one of the sets of doors. After this success he never lacked for work and was to generate a large number of public monuments and architectural projects. Among his more important works were 4 monuments at the Gettysburg Battlefield; * John C. Calhoun Monument, Charleston, South Carolina, 1896 * William T. Sherman Monument, Muskegon, Michigan, 1900 * Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, Muskegon, Michigan, 1900 * Grand Army of the Republic Memorial, Washington, DC, 1909 * George Washington, Newark, New Jersey, 1914 * National McKinley Birthplace Memorial, Niles, Ohio, 1917 * Robert Burns Monument, Barre, Vermont, 1899. TLS, NYC, 1919, 1p, 4to. To Col. Walter Scott. He returns a beautiful brooch. VG............60-80

13. [ART] JOHN SARTAIN (1808-1897) Am. Engraver. Born in London, England. To U.S. (1830); on staff of Graham' s Magazine (1841); introduced pictorial illustration as a characteristic feature in American periodicals. A founder and proprietor of Sartain' s Union Magazine of Literature and Art (1849-52), to which the leading literary figures of the day contributed. DS, 1870, check.............50-75

14. [MEDICINE] Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. (1908-2008) was a world-renowned American heart surgeon. DeBakey was the first to use an external heart pump successfully in a patient. Signed color 7x5 photo. Fine..........35-45

15. [MEDICINE] Denton Arthur Cooley (b.1920) is a pioneering American heart surgeon. SIGNED 1970 picture removed from magazine. PLUS Dr. Willem Johan (Pim) Kolff (b.1911) is a pioneer of hemodialysis as well as in the field of artificial organs. Signed & inscribed magazine picture...............30-40

16. WALTER CRONKITE [b. 1916-2009] American broadcast journalist, best known as anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years (1962–81). He was often cited in viewer opinion polls as "the most trusted man in America," because of his professional experience and kindly demeanor. SIGNED, INSCRIBED 8x10 photo. A few light wrinkles & creases..........40-60

17. [FILM] Dorothy Malone (b. 1925) Academy Award-winning actress American. DOCUMENT SIGNED, a contract dated April 23, 1979, 4pp., a one year contract with Contemporary-Korman Ltd. Also signed by Tom Korman of the famous agency. Signed on last page. VG...........75-100

18. [FRANCE] Émile de Saint-Amand Deschamps (1791-1871) French poet. Deschamps was one of the chiefs of the Romantic school. To further the cause of romanticism he founded with Victor Hugo La Muse Française (1824), a journal to which he contributed verses and stories signed "Le Jeune Moraliste." ALS, no date, 1p, 5 x 5-3/4". Not translated.......60-80
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19. Dmitry Merezhkovsky (b. Russian: 1865-1941, d. Paris) was one of the earliest and most eminent ideologues of Russian Symbolism. His wife Zinaida Gippius, a poet like him, ran a fashionable salon in St. Petersburg. Both he and his wife were freemasons. Their salon would become a centre of the Silver Age of Russian poetry. Merezhkovsky became an ardent supporter of the civil unrest, writing much revolutionary verse, particularly during his two-year stay at Paris. After the October Revolution, Merezhkovsky again fled to Paris, where he ruthlessly attacked Bolshevism. He was repeatedly nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, but his alleged support for Hitler prevented him from winning the award. ALS, 1929, 1p, 8 x 10 in. In French, not translated. VG. Rare!...........300-400

20. AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS and LETTERS Ceremonial Program 1994 - signed by 13 members on the cover in blue and purple. Includes: Arthur Mitchell [b.1934] African-American dancer & choreographer • John Guare [b.1938] playwright • Karl Husa [b.1921] Czech-born classical composer • Anthony Hecht [1923-2004] poet • Ibram Lassaw [1913-1999] sculptor • Joseph Heller [1923-1999] novelist, playwright • John Malcolm Brinnin [1916-1999] poet • Amy Clampitt [1920-1994] poet, author • William Stanley Merwin [b.1927] poet • Ned Rorem [b.1923] composer • Alfred Kazin [1915-1998] writer • Janet Peery - writer • Tony Kushner [b.1956] playwright. Fine condition. Unique!............100-150
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21. [FILM] Preston Foster (1900- 1970) American stage and film actor. Foster entered films in 1929 after appearing as a Broadway stage actor. Foster was considered ruggedly handsome and a talented singer. SIGNED 6.5 X 8.5 " photo. Handsome item..............60-80

22. [FRANCE] Emmanuel-Armand de Vignerot du Plessis de Richelieu, duc d'Aiguilon (1720- 1782) French statesman and a nephew of the Maréchal de Richelieu. He entered the army at the age of seventeen, and at the age of nineteen was made colonel of the regiment of Brie. He served in the campaigns in Italy during the War of the Austrian Succession, was seriously wounded at the siege of Château-Dauphin (1744), was taken prisoner (1746) and was made maréchal de camp in 1748. His marriage in 1740 with Louise Félicité de Brehan, daughter of the Comte de Plélo, coupled with his connection with the Richelieu family, gave him an important place at court. He was a member of the so-called parti devot, the faction opposed to Madame de Pompadour, to the Jansenists and to the parlement, and his hostility to the new ideas drew upon him the anger of the pamphleteers. In 1753 he was appointed commandant (governor) of Brittany and soon became unpopular in that province, which had retained a large number of privileges called "liberties." He first came into collision with the provincial estates on the question of the royal imposts (1758), LETTER SIGNED, 1776, 1 page, 6 x 8". VG. Not translated................150-250
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23. [MUSIC] Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999) violinist and conductor. Vintage signature on album page, dated Nov. 17, 1934. Also signed by musician E.H. Timms. Fold marks o/w VG...........40-60

Signed Contract with Samuel Goldwyn
24. [FILM] Blake Edwards (b. 1922) Academy Academy Award-winning American film director, screenwriter, and producer. He began his career as an actor and script-writer. His wife is Julie Andrews. RARE Document Signed, April 17, 1946. A day player agreement for him to act in Samuel Goldwyn production "Best Years of Our Lives", playing the part of a Corporal. Signed in pencil. 1p, 8.5 x 6". Also signed by the casting director. Fine...........60-80

25. [GREAT BRITAIN] Lord Rosebery (Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery. 1847-1929) British Liberal statesman and Prime Minister, also known as Archibald Primrose (1847–1851) and Lord Dalmeny (1851–1868). ALS, 1889, 2pp, written in the 3rd person.....100-150

26. [FRANCE] Ernest Legouve (1807-1903) French writer; author of novel Édith de Falsen (1840) and plays Louise de Lignerolles (1848), Adrienne Lecouvreur (with Scribe, 1849), Bataille de dames (1851), Un Jeune Homme qui ne fait rien (1861). ALS, no date, 1 page. Not translated. Written to Alphonse Daudet [1840-1897]. French writer. Author of stories, novels, plays often in naturalistic vein. Made first striking success with play La dernière idole (1862). Fine...........50-75
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27. [SINGER SEWING] WILLIAM E. COOPER - Singer Agent. ALS, New Orleans, 1875, 1p, 4to. on Singer Manufacturing Co. letterhead. "By the burning of the S.S. City of Waco at Galveston, our Invoice of the 28th ult. shipped to that office is an entire loss. Our loss at Aherman Texas has delayed remittances from that point, which were beginning to be good. We are however re-organizing there and will soon be in good shape again..." Mounting traces along left edge..................75-100

28. (BRITISH LEGAL AND JUDICIAL) Collection of 22 ALS's, ANS's and signatures of prominent attorneys and judges fowled between 1877 and 1878. About 11 of these are ALS's. Represented include SIR Hardinge Gifford (Solicitor General, 3rd person ALS); Sir H. Manisty (ALS); Lord Chancellor Cairns (sig.); Henry James (Sig.); SIR John Holker (ALS): Lord Selbome (3rd person ALS); Lord Chief Justice Coleridge, etc......................100-150

29. (BUSINESS) BENJAMIN ALTMAN (1840-1913) American merchant, art collector, and philanthropist, born in New York City. After a public school education, he worked in the small store established by his father on the Lower East Side. Altman worked in small stores after the death of his father, but in 1865 he opened a dry goods store of his own in New York City. His business steadily increased in scale and became one of the largest department store enterprises in the world; in 1913 it was incorporated under the name of B. Altman & Co. Altman's art collection, valued by experts at $15 million at the time of his death, was bequeathed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Signed 1905 Chemical National Bank check. Nice clear signature...................60-80
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30. [CIVIL WAR] GEO. H. WEEKS [1834-1905] AMERICAN GENERAL, was born at Gilford, New Hampshire. He graduated from West Point in 1857, brevetted second lieutenant of Artillery, and stationed for a year and a half at Ft. Monroe, Va. Assigned to the 4th Artillery as a second lieutenant on February 10, 1859, he was sent on frontier duty to Minnesota where he participated in the expedition to Yellow Medicine River. At the outbreak of the Civil War he was transferred East, promoted to first lieutenant on May 14, and assigned to garrison duty first at Ft. McHenry and then at Ft. Washington in Maryland during the first year of the war. Part of this time he served as regimental quartermaster and for three months was adjutant. In 1862, was assigned to the Quartermaster's Department, becoming Chief Quartermaster of the 3rd Corps, Army of the Potomac. He served approximately five months during the Virginia Peninsular Campaign. He was then placed in charge of the Hagerstown Depot which was responsible for supplying the Army of the Potomac during the Maryland Campaign. For faithful and meritorious services during the war, he was brevetted major and lieutenant colonel. In 1887 he was in the field in General O.O. Howard's expedition against the Nez Perces Indians. DOCUMENT SIGNED, 1905 bank check. Clear signature..........50-75

31. [ENGLAND] John Bright (1811-1889) English Quaker, he was a British Radical and Liberal statesman, associated with Richard Cobden in the formation of the Anti-Corn Law League. He was one of the greatest orators of his generation, and a strong critic of British foreign policy. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, 1883, 1-page. Mounting traces on back. Approx. 4-1/2 x 7 in..............100-150

32. [RELIGION] John Heyl VINCENT (1832-1920), American Methodist Episcopal bishop and founder of the Chautauqua movement in adult education, born in Tuscaloosa, Ala. He entered the New Jersey Conference of his church in 1853 and from there was transferred to the Rock River (Ill.) Conference in 1857. He was pastor of churches in Chicago and established the Northwestern Sunday School Quarterly (1865), which was renamed Sunday School Teacher (1866) and made into a monthly magazine. In 1888 he was elected bishop and in 1900 was appointed resident Methodist bishop in Europe, with his headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. He retired from the active episcopate in 1904. Vincent was the chief founder of the Chautauqua Institution in 1874 and was responsible for a number of innovations in the methodology of Sunday school teaching. Among his books are The Chautauqua Movement (1886), A Study in Pedagogy (1890), and Family Worship for Every Day in the Year (1905). ALS, 1876, 2 separate pages. To Mr. Barker. Re: encloses receipt for $112. Many thanks. Sorry but cannot promise to be at Utica. Must learn to say NO. A hard word to spell. VG...........50-75

33. [SCIENCE] Herbert Haviland Field [1862-1921] American Zoologist: founded the Concilium Bibliographicum, 1895, in Zurich, an agency for zoological and related literatures, briefly considered after World War I as a possible center for the international organization of scientific literature by the US Academy of Sciences. Typed Document Signed, Zurich, 1897, 1p. Received of R.S. Woodward, Treas. of The American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, $250 in full payment of grant voted in aid of the International Bureau of Bibliography. Mail folds o/w VG................100-150

34. [FRANCE] FELIX NOGARET [1740-1831] poet & Mayor of Paris. ALS, n.d., 1p. Fine. PLUS DS, 1824 with ANS by Nogaret added. PLUS ALS, 1824 by Barron ____? speaking about Nogaret. Not translated..................50-75
Nogaret 1
Nogaret 2

35. [ARCHITECTURE] MICHAEL GRAVES (b.1934) American Architect. Graves was a member of the New York "Five" or "white" modernist architects during the 1960s, the other four being Richard Meier, Peter Eisenman, Charles Gwathmey, and John Hejduk. In the 1970s, Graves emerged as a leading proponent of the American postmodernist style SIGNED 7x5 photograph. VG...............40-60

36. Sir Aston Webb (1849-1930) English architect, active in the late 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. He was President of the Royal Academy 1919-1924. TLS, 1921, 1p. To W.A. Menzies re: Conradi's Mother's portrait.................40-60

37. Sir Nathaniel Wm Wraxall, 1st Baronet (1751-1831), English author. He entered the employment of the East India Company in 1769, and served as judge-advocate and paymaster during the expeditions against Gujarat and Baroche in 1771. He was knighted in 1813. ALS, 1801, 1p. Gives change of address for delivery of the Herald..................50-75

38. [FRENCH THEATRE] JACQUES SEREYS [b.1928-?] French theatre director & actor. ALS, 1968, on both sides, 4to. Speaks of money to be given to Margaret Ramsay. Fine..................60-80

39. [FRANCE] Autran, Joseph [1813-1877]. French poet and dramatist. Author of La Fille d' Eschyle (1848), Le Cyclope (1863), etc. A 2-page ALS or LS [?], 1896. Not translated. Fine.................60-80

40. [FRANCE] HENRI TISOT - Fr. actor. ALS, Paris, 1959, on both sides. To Director of La Comédie-Française asking to forgive him for missing a show. In the comedy movie The Fuhrer runs amok by Philippe Clair, Henri Tisot stars stars socceras Hitler who challenges other European countries in matches. VG..........50-75

41. [FRANCE] Hyde de Neuville, Jean-Guillaume. Baron. [1776-1857]. French diplomat. Agent of Louis XVI from outbreak of Revolution; took part in royalist insurrection at Berry (1796); attempted to persuade Napoléon to restore Bourbon monarchy; left France (1804); in U.S. (1806-14); undertook mission to Italy for Louis XVIII (1814); deputy (1815-30); ambassador to U.S. (1816-21), Portugal (1823-24); named count of Bemposta for role in saving John VI from coup d' état (1824); minister of navy (1828); cast sole vote against exclusion of duc de Bordeaux from succession (1830). ALS, 1853, 2pp. about man who went to California. Not translated. VG........75-100

42. [FRANCE] Pasquier, Étienne-Denis de. Duc. [1767-1862]. French politician. Descendant of Étienne Pasquier; named by Napoléon councilor of state and prefect of police (1810); minister of state (1815) and president of Chamber of Representatives (1816) at the Restoration; peer of France (1821) and president of Chamber of Peers under Louis-Philippe; chancellor of France (1837); created duke (1844). ALS, 1840, 1 full page, 4to. Not translated..............75-100

43. [FRANCE] EB (Bourdet, Édouard. 1887-1945). French dramatist. Author of satirical and psychological studies of contemporary society. HIS INITIALS PLUS 2 WORDS ON TLS, 1928, FROM MARCEL BALLOT. VG. Not translated...........40-60

44. [INVENTOR - TELEVISION] Alexander M(atveevich) Poniatoff (1892-1980) engineer. He emigrated from Russia to China, where he worked for the Shanghai Power Company until he emigrated to the United States in 1927. He founded, in 1944, the Ampex company, using his initials, A.M.P., plus "ex" for "excellence" to create the name. In 1956, engineers of Ampex created the world's first rotary head recorder, the VR-1000 videotape recorder. Poniatoff served as president of Ampex until 1955 when he was elected chairman of the board. As he dreamed of steam locomotives as a child in Russia, Alexander Poniatoff known as Alexi, hardly could have imagined that he would one day develop video taping technology that would forever change the world. By 1951, Poniatoff needed new products to keep the company growing. He had the idea to create a magnetic tape and a recorder for television images. His team raced against several electronics companies that were pursuing the same goal but overcame technical problems to create the first commercial video tape recorder (VTR) and the tape to go with it. It was first demonstrated in Chicago in 1956 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference. The era of all-live television was over. The video tape recorders allowed the broadcast networks to delay programming for the different time zones and established Ampex as an innovator. Offered here is a SIGNED APEX Home Music System Owner's Reference Book, 1959, 48pp, 13 x 10 in., embossed leatherette covers. VG. Large bold signature on Message from Poniatoff page..............200-300

45. MYSTERY LOT of about 91 pieces from 19th & 20th century. Includes: letters; documents; a few autographs; 5 bank checks signed by the noted artist, Douglas Volk, known for his portraits of Abraham Lincoln, one used on postage stamp, and various ephemera. Oldest item in this lot is 1812. Good lot for eBay sellers or those who like researching items.....125-225

46. [FRANCE] CARDINAL FRANCOIS MARTY [1904-1994] Roman Catholic Cardinal and Archbishop of Paris. He took part in the conclaves that elected Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II. TLS, 1976, 1p, to Monsieur Marcel Diamant-Berger. Mentions poems. Not translated. VG.................30-40

47. [ART] (Constantine) Andreou (1917-2007) recognized as one of the most eminent figures in the international art scene. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil of Greek parents, he moved to Greece in 1925 with his family. In 1940, he joined the Greek Army to fight in World War II and later joined the Greek Resistance against Nazi occupation. In Paris, he met eminent artists and intellects and collaborated -among others- with Le Corbusier, the distinguished Swiss architect. Andreou also had the great privilege to exhibit with some of the great masters such as Pablo Picasso (1961 and 1962), Henri Matisse (1961), and Max Ernst (1962). In 2000, he was awarded the "Croix de Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur" from the French Government. In 2001, Andreou was honored by the French Government with the title "Commandeur de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres" Offered here is an original ink drawing executed on the back of a postcard picturing the Pope and Vatican. He has drawn over the Pope's face. On the back he makes a more complete ink drawing which is signed. Upon request we will scan this and show it on the online catalog. Approx. 4 x 6 in. Fine............200-300
Andreou 1
Andreou 2 http://merv2.tripod.com/anderou-3-1.jpeg
Methodism in Africa
48. [RELIGION] John M. Springer (1873-1963) pioneering Methodist Episcopal Church missionary and bishop, was instrumental in developing Methodism in Africa. DS, 1949, HE SIGNS HIS APPROVAL PROOF SHEET FOR who's who in America. Adds typed information. Quite uncommon........150-200

49. (KEEPER OF THE PRIVY PURSE) - Sir Thos. (Myddleton) Biddulph [1809-1878] He entered the Army as a Cornet (1st Life Guards) in 1826. On his promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel in 1857 he went on half pay. He was later appointed Master of the Queen's Household, and then Receiver-General of the Duchy of Cornwall. In 1867 he was appointed Keeper of the Queen's Privy Purse. Sir Thomas had enjoyed the Queen's trust and confidence for 27 years, but there had been one occasion when he had threatened to resign, because of rows with John Brown, the Queen's personal gillie and favourite. It is on record that the Queen made gentle fun of Sir Thomas behind his back: with roars of laughter she told Sir Henry Ponsonby how shocked Sir Thomas had been by the design for a medal of the Ashanti campaign and she quoted his comment, "Roman soldiers with nothing - nothing at all - but helmets on." However, Sir Thomas was not without a sense of humour: in 1871, when the Queen was gravely ill with an abscess on her arm, Lady Churchill wanted to send for all her children. "Goodness", said Sir Thomas, "that would have killed her at once!" Two [2] ALSs, 1874 and 1876, each 1p.............60-80

50. (LORD CHIEF JUSTICE) Sir JAMES MANSFIELD (1733-1821). Lord chief-justice of common pleas and knighted, 1804. Autograph Letter Signed, Wandsworth, Aug. 15, 1812. Two pages, quarto plus integral address leaf to E. Mansfield. Counseling Edward to prepare a will. "I beg you not to delay this, & I wish you still to remember, that temporary deafness will certainly become perpetual." FINE..................100-150

51. [CINEMA] Ann Doran (1911-2000) American character actress. She was James Dean's dominating mother in Rebel Without a Cause (1955). She appeared in over 500 motion pictures and 1000 television shows. Signed vintage 10 x 8 " movie still photo [name of film ?]. VG..........35-45

52. [Famous Geologist Yellowstone] WALTER HARVEY WEED [1862-1944] American geologist who was on the geological survey of Yellowstone Park [1883-89]; discovered that colors of hot springs and geyser deposits were due to algae living in hot waters; discovered Death Gulch in Yellowstone, where elk, bears etc. were killed by carbon dioxide gas. Also made valuable discoveries while engaged in general geological exploration of Montana [1889-98]; mapping over 10,000 square miles, the result appearing as geologic folios of Geological Survey of the U.S. Author of numerous books on the subject including ENRICHMENT OF GOLD AND SILVER VEINS [1900]. Offered here is a signed bank check by Weed, 1906. VG condition with clear signature. Uncommon American autograph......................150-200

53. [AVIATION] Carl F. Greene [b.1887] Colonel US Air Corps; recipient of the Collier Air Award for developing and building the first successful pressure cabin airplane for the US Army Air Corps [1934]; also designed an amphibious flying boat accommodating 150 passengers in the wings and a crew of ten. Signed 1920 Riggs National Bank check...........25-35

54. [SCIENCE] Alfred B. Focke (b.1906-?) American Physicist. He served as a Physicist in civilian capacity for the Navy Bureau of Ordnance during World War II. After the war, Dr. Focke worked in various capacities at the Navy Electronics Laboratory in San Diego. In 1954 he became Scientific Director of Operation WIGWAM, which was the testing of the first deep underwater nuclear explosion. Dr. Focke joined the faculty of Harvey Mudd College as Professor of Physics where he remained until his retirement in 1971. Dr. Focke describes in detail the wartime research he did for the Bureau of Ordnance and he described the advantages of his civilian status in dealing with the military. He also discusses nuclear stockpiling and the possibilities of atomic war. Lengthy 1p. TLS, Calif. Inst. of Tech., 1933, to Dr. Louis Wm. McKeehan, Sloane Physics Laboratory. Says he has been awarded a National Research Fellowship and would like to carry on his research at Yale and perhaps teach a class. Details the research he is doing. He did do his research at Yale in 1934. Scarce!..............100-150

55. [WASHINGTON DC] HENRY B.F. MacFARLAND [1861-1921] President Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia [1900-1910]. Signed Riggs National Bank check, 1920...................15-20

56. FRED de CORDOVA (1910-2001) American Director/Producer. He started his career as a director in the 1940s, directing B-movies including Here Come the Nelsons, with Ozzie, Harriet and sons, and Bedtime for Bonzo, with Ronald Reagan. But during the television boom in the '50s and '60s, he began directing and producing television programs, including My Three Sons and variety shows with Jack Benny, George Gobel, Burns and Allen, and the Smothers Brothers. Mr. De Cordova began producing The Tonight Show in 1970, eight years after Carson became the show's star, and became executive producer in 1984. ANS dtd 3/6/89.........................20-30

57. Russell Baker (b.1925) is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning writer known for his satirical commentary and self-critical prose. Notably known for his autobiography, Growing Up. ALS, 2000, 1p. Fine................25-35

58. [NAVAL] WILLIAM R. ANDERSON [b. 1921] He was selected by Admiral Hyman G. Rickover to be the skipper of the first working nuclear submarine to be placed into service, the USS Nautilus, and was its commander from 1957 to 1959. Signed & inscribed paperback book, "NAUTILUS 90 NORTH", written by Anderson. VG.......25-35

59. Zane Grey (1872-1939) American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the rugged Old West. Document Signed, 1937 bank check. Contained in mat. Fresh condition...........125-175

60. EDWARD ALBEE - American playwright. Signed 1p. typescript from "Tiny Alice." Attractive in appearance. Fine..............60-80

Sacco and Vanzetti
61. [Sacco and Vanzetti] Robert Grant (1852-1940) American author. His most successful book was Unleavened Bread, which was one of the best selling novels of 1900. Grant was also a probate court judge, appointed in 1893. After he left the bench, Massachusetts Governor Alvan T. Fuller appointed Grant to a commission to review the conviction of Sacco and Vanzetti. The commission recommended that the decision to execute both men be upheld. ALS, March 15 [no year], 2pp. Regrets.............40-60

62. Cyril Ritchard (1897-1977) actor of stage, screen and television. He achieved star status in 1954 as Captain Hook in the Broadway production of Peter Pan co-starring Mary Martin,. Signed 1957 bank check...............40-60

63. [LAW] John Augustus (1785 -1859) Boston boot maker who is called the "Father of Probation" in the United States because of his pioneering efforts to campaign for more lenient sentences for convicted criminals based on their backgrounds. Brief ADS, Boston, 1821. "Mr. Wm. Barry Sir please deliver the bearer one Hat & charge the same to your acc." 8 x 2-3/4 in. VG...........80-120

64. [FIRST LADY] ROSALYNN S. CARTER - signed document, receipt 1959, Certificate of Weigher. Load ticket. Some filled-in portions are carbon copy ink but actually signed by her in ink. 4 x 8-3/4 in. VG. Unusual early example...........80-120

65. Danny Thomas (1912-1991) American nightclub comedian and television and film actor, best known for starring in the television sitcom Make Room for Daddy, or The Danny Thomas Show. He is also the founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Signed bank check, 1974, for $750 to the Local 802 Emergency relief fund.......50-75
66. Sir Walter Besant (1836-1901) was a novelist and historian from London. His sister-in-law was Annie Besant. ALS, 1882, 1p. Mounted to another sheet.............75-100

67. Dinah Shore (1916-1994) American singer, actress, and television personality. She was most popular during the Big Band era of the 1940s and 1950s. Signed bank check, 1977...........50-75

68. MYSTERY LOT of about 91 pieces from 19th & 20th century. Includes: letters; documents; a few autographs; 5 bank checks signed by the noted artist, Douglas Volk, known for his portraits of Abraham Lincoln, one used on postage stamp, and various ephemera. Oldest item in this lot is 1824. Good lot for eBay sellers or those who like researching items.....125-225

69. Kathleen Freeman (1919-2001) American film, television, and stage actress. In a career that spanned more than fifty years, she portrayed tart maids, secretaries, teachers, busybodies, nurses, and battle-axe neighbors, almost invariably to comic effect. ALS, 2001. written about 4 months before she died, on both sides of a correspondence card. Fine............40-60

70. [FRANCE] Jacques Salomon Hadamard (1865-1963) French mathematician who made major contributions in number theory, complex function theory, differential geometry and partial differential equations. TLS, 1954, 2pp. Speaks mathematics. Fine............80-120
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71. [THEATRE] David Merrick (1911-2000) prolific Tony Award-winning American theatrical producer. DOCUMENT SIGNED, 1970, 1p. "Cast Album agreement" re: "SOME LIKE IT HOT.".............50-75

72. Cyril Ritchard (1897-1977) Australian stage, screen and television actor and director. He achieved star status in 1954 as Captain Hook in the Broadway production of Peter Pan co-starring Mary Martin. SIGNED CONTRACT, 1963, 1p. Actor's Equity contract for Director at Louisville Theatrical Association, $500 per week. VG...........80-120

73. [NOBEL] J. MICHAEL BISHOP - American Microbiologist. Awarded 1989 NOBEL PRIZE for Physiology and Medicine for his research on cancer -causing genes called oncogenes. SIGNED 5x7 color photograph...........35-45

74. SIR JOHN MORTIMER [1923-2009] British Barrister, Author, Playwright. Mortimer's most famous creation is a character named Horace Rumpole. SIGNED/inscribed 7x5 photograph.............50-75

75. [FILM] Charles Farrell (1901-1990) notable American film actor of the 1920s silent era and into the 1930s, and later a television actor. Farrell is probably best recalled for his onscreen romances with actress Janet Gaynor in more than a dozen films, including Seventh Heaven, Street Angel, and Lucky Star. DOCUMENT SIGNED, 1952, 4pp. Contract with William Morris Agency. Signed on final page. VG...........80-120

76. [MUSIC] Nicola Donatelli - Italian Conductor, Composer. He composed many band pieces and the musical score for the 1917 film "Cleopatra" was adapted by Donatelli and George Rubenstein. ALS, Minneapolis, 1902, 2pp. Not translated. 2nd page corner missing which does not affect text...........40-60

77. MYSTERY LOT of about 81 pieces from 19th & 20th century. Includes: letters; documents; a few autographs; 5 bank checks signed by the noted artist, Douglas Volk, known for his portraits of Abraham Lincoln, one used on postage stamp, and various ephemera. Oldest item in this lot is 1778. Good lot for eBay sellers or those who like researching items.....125-225

78. [FIRST LADY] MRS. EISENHOWER (Mamie) signature "Mrs. Eisenhower" plus address, clipped from envelope..............35-45

79. [FRANCE] G. MONOD [Monod, Gabriel-Jean-Jacques. 1844-1912]. French historian. Founder and director of Revue historique (1875); lectured at École des Hautes Études, École Normale Supérieure; professor, Collège de France (1905). Author of Allemands et Français (1872), Études critiques sur les sources de l' histoire mérovingienne (1872-85), etc. ANS, in English. Clipped from a letter but complete in itself. Mounted. No year........25-35

80. JAMES NASMYTH (1808-1890). Scottish engineer. Son of Alexander Nasmyth; began manufacture of machine tools at Manchester (1834), developed Bridgewater Foundry; invented steam hammer (1839), constructed and patented it (1842); devised a planing machine, a nut-shaping machine, a steam pile driver, a hydraulic punching machine; also studied astronomy. Signed fragment from letter, n.d., approx. 4x2 in.................... 80-120

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